Where are hammered dulcimers from?

Answer Although the exact origin of the hammered dulcimer is unknown, historians believe the instrument was created about 900 A.D. in the Middle East. It is related to an older instrument known as the psa... Read More »

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What does the drone mean in dulcimers?

The dulcimer was probably based on Scottish bagpipes. The characteristic sound of bagpipes, and consequently the dulcimer, is the continuous sound of notes that do not change pitch. This sound is k... Read More »

Who invented the hammered dulcimer?

The exact origin of the hammered dulcimer is uncertain; it is believed, however, to have been invented in Iran about 5,000 years ago. The hammer dulcimer's precursor was the plucked psaltery, a sou... Read More »

How to Make Hammered Copper?

Copper, like other metals common to metalworking projects, can be cut, shaped, formed and decorated in a variety of different ways. These processes create both the basic function of a piece of jewe... Read More »

How do I apply Rustoleum Hammered Paint?

Clean and Prepare the SurfaceRemove chipping paint and flaking rust with a wire brush or sandpaper. If the previous finish is glossy, lightly sand it to improve adhesion. Clean the surface thoroug... Read More »