Where are fjords found?

Answer Fjords can be found on the west coast of Norway, on the south and west coasts of Alaska, southwest of New Zealand, and on the west coast of Scotland. They are natural harbors, and are used for fish... Read More »

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Where are the world's largest fjords located?

According to the Climate Change Institute, the world's largest fjord system is located in Scoresby Sund on eastern Greenland. The location also contains some of the deepest fjords in the world at 1... Read More »

Are the fjords in norway?

The Fjords, narrow bodies of water that are left behind when a glacier retreats, are found in Norway. Western Norway has four Fjord regions: More & Romsdal, Sogn & Fjordane, Hordaland and Rogaland.... Read More »

How to Explore the Fjords in Norway?

The fjords of western Norway are recognized as one of the most beautiful and unspoiled travel destinations on earth. They have consistently come out on top of National Geographic Traveler's survey ... Read More »

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