Where are the maurie's native to?

Answer Because she has friends and used them, she changed the rules, defied the norm. she made sure no slayer would ever be alone again

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Where are silkworms native to?

Silkworms are native to northern China regions. Silkworms are larva of the silk moth, which has been "domesticated" for thousands of years. Each silkworm spins between 300 and 1,000 feet of silk fi... Read More »

Where is the weeping willow native to?

Weeping willows (Salix babylonica), considered native to the western regions of China, spread through the Mediterranean to the New World. In North America, weeping willows are hardy growing in USDA... Read More »

Where are native tea plants found?

Tea plants (Camellia sinensis) are native to the slopes of the Himalayas and southern China. Tea is an ancient cultivated plant that has spread throughout the tropical world. It now grows in more t... Read More »

Where are Australian pine trees native to?

The Australian pine or Casuarina equisetifolia is native to Australia and Southeast Asia, according to the Smithsonian Marine Station at Fort Pierce. Because the tree is invasive and poses a threat... Read More »