Where are earthworms located?

Answer Earthworms live in multiple levels of temperate and tropical soils around the world. They are classified into three groups that have different burrowing and feeding habits. Epigeic species live aro... Read More »

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Where are the seminal receptacles located in earthworms?

The seminal receptacles of an earthworm are located just adjacent to the esophagus and laterally to the heart in the upper segment of the earthworm's body, between the ventral nerve cord and crop.S... Read More »

How big are earthworms?

Earthworms, commonly referred to as nightcrawlers, are found in warm, moist soil. Earthworms are useful as fish bait and are fed upon by birds. Earthworms help sustain plant life by burrowing into ... Read More »

What do earthworms look like?

Earthworms are found throughout the world, and come in varying sizes. They digest dead organic material and help keep soil healthy, making them an important part of any ecosystem. They need moist s... Read More »

Do earthworms eat grass?

Yes, earthworms will eat grass, but only in small quantities and only if no better food is available. Grass clippings are not a preferred food for earthworms. In compost, grass will heat up the bin... Read More »