Where are diamonds mined in Australia?

Answer There are only three diamond mines located in Australia. The biggest mine is the Argyle diamond mine, located in the East Kimberly region in northern Western Australia, near the coast. The Merlin m... Read More »

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How are diamonds mined?

Natural diamonds are extracted from the earth in a variety of methods depending on the location of the mine. Because the situation and surroundings of every diamond deposit are different, five prin... Read More »

Are there diamonds mined in scotland?

No diamonds are mined in Scotland. According to, they are produced on every continent but Europe and Antarctica. The United States consumes 35 percent of the world's gem-quality diamond... Read More »

How many diamonds are mined a year?

According to KPCS (the process designed by the United Nations to prevent so-called "blood diamonds" from entering the market) nearly 163 million carats of diamonds were mined in 2008, worth more th... Read More »

Where are conflict diamonds mined?

Mined in several places in Africa, conflict diamonds fund many of the civil wars taking place throughout the continent. These places include Liberia, Côte d'Ivoire, the Democratic Republic of the ... Read More »