Where are dell laptops made?

Answer Dell laptops are produced at Dell manufacturing centers worldwide. Dell has manufacturing and distribution centers in China, Malaysia, Brazil, India, Ireland and Poland. Dell's United States manufa... Read More »

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Where can i pick up good quality brand new laptops at decent pricesIm considering Dell.Any views on Dell?

notebookreview.comi just recently got a dell inspiron e1505 or also known as 6400its working pretty darn goodi got it for 885 not listing the specs cuz it will take too longi ordered it online, and... Read More »

Where are dell laptops sold in UAE manufactured?

most laptops are made in china no matter where they are sold. Once you buy it, it will tell you on the sticker anyway.

What laptops are more reliable, Dell laptops or IBM Thinkpads?

You can't get an unbiased answer to that question, but I *love* my IBM (Lenovo) Thinkpad, and have had no problems with it.

Where do DELL ship laptops from if they are bound for the United Kingdom?

India and they may or may not call. Do not get a DellCrap, they are Crap. Here's why you should get a Mac:: There are NO CONS. The MacBook does both WinDozzzz and OSX, no other computer can make th... Read More »