Where are dell computers assembled?

Answer Dell has a server assembly plant in Austin, Texas; a desktop assembly plant in Mexico, near the El Paso, Texas, border; and laptop assembly plants in Penang, Malaysia and Xiamen, China.Source:Dell ... Read More »

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How much money did Michael Dell have to start Dell Computers?

In 1984, 19-year-old college student Michael Dell started his now famous Dell computer company, originally named PC's Unlimited, with only $1,000. The computer company has grown to be worth more th... Read More »

Do dell keyboards only work on dell computers?

Dell keyboards are designed to work best with Dell computers, but plug-and-play keyboards that attach via a USB port are compatible with other systems, according to a Dell customer service represen... Read More »

Which printers are compatible with Dell computers Besides the actual Dell printers?

I agree that HP makes some good printers, but any printer you buy will be compatible with a Dell computer. The only thing to look at is if the printer is made for Windows, Mac, etc.I cannot think o... Read More »

Are Dell really computers as bad as everyone says?

I don't know what "everyone" is saying about Dell, but I work in a computer repair shop and here are the issues we have:It is hard to get technical support from Dell. We charge our customers (who h... Read More »