Where are all the RN's I need help.. not medical, but educational...?

Answer Many community colleges offer a program leading to an RN. Some states license Licensed Practical Nurses after a year of so of training and a test. Then you can work in the field and see if you like... Read More »

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Need advice on what to write in my educational goal scholarship letter please help!?

Maybe you can write that you want to succeed in your career(be successful) and be respected by your (future) patients and colleagues.

I need some medical help anyone T^T~?

It is rare in women so young. But it's still good of you to check and notice that there was something different. It depends on the size and texture of the lump. I forget the details, but Cosmo m... Read More »

Horrible episode need medical help?

I'm assuming that you have seen a doctor about these "funny turns" as you have had blood tests done. I think you may need need to have other tests done ,so go back and see your doctor again and exp... Read More »

HELP MEDICAL EMERGENCY In need of assistance immediately!?

don't worry about it. I'm on my period so I'll just lend you a tampon and we can have a parachute party