Where are airwalk shoes made?

Answer Although the Airwalk company gives no specifics as to where their shoes are manufactured, they are likely produced in Asia. Airwalk was formed in 1986 as a subsidiary of Items International, Inc., ... Read More »

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When were Airwalk shoes made?

Airwalk shoes were made in 1986 by Items International. President Bill Mann took the name from a skateboarding trick called airwalking. According to Funding Universe, "by the end of 1987, Airwalks ... Read More »

Where are Airwalk shoes manufactured?

While Airwalk does not specifically state where it manufactures its shoes, like most sneaker companies, it outsources to Asia. Airwalk, which was founded in 1977, is owned by Items International In... Read More »

Are Airwalk shoes good?

On One Hand: Comfortable and DurableAirwalk shoes tend to be well-constructed and quite comfortable. These shoes also are budget-friendly and have materials that last a long time, which will preven... Read More »

Difference between Airwalk and All Star converse shoes?

Well in my experience Converse offer good support at first but once u break them in a walk with them for a while it starts to hurt my feet, but I think they look better than the Airwalk. But, I wou... Read More »