Where are Uggs from Australia made?

Answer Uggs are manufactured in Asia, Australia and New Zealand. The sheepskin required to manufacture the footwear still come from Australia. The quality of the shoes are the same regardless of location ... Read More »

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Are UGGs made of animals?

Yes, UGGs are made from animals, specifically sheep. Australians traditionally call any brand of boots or slippers made from sheepskin with the wool on the inside and the skin on the outside "ugg b... Read More »

Which is worth it Fuggs (Fake Uggs) or Uggs?

There really are no such things as "Fuggs" and I will explain why. The word UGG boots discribes a STYLE of SHEEPSKIN footwear and NOT a particular BRAND.Ug Ugh Ugly and Ugg are ALL simply "GENERIC"... Read More »

Are genuine UGG boots made in Australia?

Australian Brian Smith brought his native-made sheepskin boots (the original UGG prototypes) to California for sale in 1978. The company's official name is UGG Australia and the boots are still mad... Read More »

Will dvds made in Australia work in DVD players in the United States?

only if ur DVD player is codefree & supports PAL dvds.usually a DVD player sold in the us only accepts rc1 dvds.Australian dvds are RC4. and PAL. US dvds are NTSC. so if the us DVD player is a cool... Read More »