Where are Samsung televisions made?

Answer Although each part and model will vary, Samsung televisions are commonly made in Mexico. Samsung is not unique to this trend, as many other companies are manufacturing televisions in Mexico.Source:... Read More »

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What technology is samsung using in 3d led televisions of their?

Samsung uses only Active Shutter 3D, not polarised.The current brands that have at least 1 polarised 3D in their 2012 lineup:- LG- Vizio- Toshiba- Panasonic

Do Samsung televisions need to be calibrated?

Samsung televisions, like most televisions, are designed to function adequately out of the box but will require calibration to deliver optimal picture quality for your viewing environment. You can... Read More »

Do samsung televisions come with imei numbers?

IMEI numbers are only used as identifiers for mobile phones so your television won't have one.Check the exact Model (normally a longer sting of letters and numbers than is written on the label) and... Read More »

Are RCA televisions made in the USA?

RCA television are not made in the USA. They are manufactured by a corporation called TCL. TCL is based in China. TCL only calls its televisions RCA in North America.References:TLC Corporation: Com... Read More »