Where are Samsung televisions made?

Answer Although each part and model will vary, Samsung televisions are commonly made in Mexico. Samsung is not unique to this trend, as many other companies are manufacturing televisions in Mexico.Source:... Read More »

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Where are toshiba televisions made?

According to Toshiba's website, the Japanese company's manufacturing takes place in Vietnam, Thailand, China, India, Malaysia, Taiwan and the Philippines. The company does not specify which product... Read More »

Where are Sylvania televisions made?

Sylvania televisions are made in various factories in China, where Funai Electric Co., Ltd. of Japan has aggregated most of its manufacturing. Funai also has an assembly plant in Poland, where Sylv... Read More »

Where are Panasonic televisions made?

Panasonic televisions are the product of a Japanese company headquartered in Kadoma, Osaka, Japan. The televisions are manufactured by a subsidiary company of Panasonic, located in Troy, Ohio, in t... Read More »

Where are Vizio televisions made?

Vizio televisions are made in Taiwan, in the factories of Foxcomm and AmTRAN Technology. Vizio, based in Irvine, California, offered these two factories equity in the business as incentive to produ... Read More »