Where are Polo brand eyeglasses made?

Answer Polo eyeglasses are designed by the Polo Ralph Lauren corporation. They are manufactured by Safilo Group, which is located in Italy. The Safilo Group is well-known for its production of designer ey... Read More »

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What brand are ESPN analyst Mark May's eyeglasses?

The salaries of writers for ESPN are not posted but a writer in general makes about $34,850 to $67,820 per annum. Some less and more.

What brand eyeglasses does Tom Selleck wear on blue bloods?

These are Randolph Engineering (You can tell by the "RE" on the lens). Style: Concorde, Color: Gold.

What clothing brand logo looks like a gazelle or Impala head(abercrombie&fitch,polo same kinda style)?

Could be all saints, but thats not really that expensive...

What is a polo ball made of?

Polo balls were originally wooden, which the players liked as the balls would make a whistling sound while flying through the air. The wooden balls however were prone to being split, so modern ball... Read More »