Where are Lexus cars made?

Answer Lexus cars are made in Japan, where owner Toyota Motor operates. The only exception is the Lexus RX 350, which is made in Canada.Source:New York Times: Made in JapanDriving Canada: 2010 Lexus RX 350

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How long do Lexus cars usually last?

The amount of time a Lexus can last varies greatly from car to car; however, Lexus offers a warranty package on all its cars. The powertrain warranty covers the engine, transmission, trans-axle and... Read More »

Where are Lexus cars manufactured?

Lexus is the luxury division of the Toyota Motor Corporation. Four manufacturing facilities in Japan build Lexus models: Tahara, Kyushu, Motomachi and Kanto Jidosha. One model, the RX series, is bu... Read More »

Where are Lexus cars assembled?

Lexus has four factories operating in Japan and one in Cambridge, Ontario. Lexus began building vehicles in Japan in 1989. Its Canada plant opened in September 2003. The RX sport utility vehicle, L... Read More »

Who makes lexus cars?

Lexus is made by the Toyota Motor Corporation. The brand was launched in the fall of 1989. The Lexus line is Toyota's luxury brand. The first models introduced were the ES 250 and the LS 450. Hybri... Read More »