Where are Lee Middleton dolls made?

Answer Lee Middleton doll artists design the company's dolls to resemble real, lifelike babies. Production of all Lee Middleton dolls moved to China in 2004. Prior to that, the Lee Middleton factory in Be... Read More »

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Who made Manco dolls?

Manco dolls were manufactured by the Manco Company during the 1950s and 1960s. Authenticity of Manco dolls can be verified by the manufacturer's imprint on the back of the doll's neck. Manco dolls ... Read More »

What are porcelain dolls made from?

Porcelain dolls are created from an easily sculpted type of clay. The two variations used in the manufacturing of porcelain dolls are "china" and "bisque." A china doll has a glazed surface; while ... Read More »

When were Barbie dolls made?

Barbie dolls are popular toys made by Mattel. The first Barbie dolls were introduced in 1959 and still are being produced as of 2010. Mattel continues to release a variety of Barbie dolls with diff... Read More »

What company made shirley temple look-a-like dolls?

A variety of companies produced Shirley Temple Look-A-Like Dolls. Among these companies were Sears, Roebuck and Company, the Ideal Novelty and Toy Co., the Reliable Toy Company, Allied Imported and... Read More »