Where are Fords made?

Answer Ford Motor Company manufactures and assembles its vehicles in locations around the world. There are forty assembly plants, five casting/forging aluminum facilities, eighteen engine plants, two loca... Read More »

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Where are Fords built?

Ford factories are located primarily throughout the United States, but are also located in European, Asian, African and other countries. The first Ford factory was built in Detroit, Michigan, in 19... Read More »

Types of Fords?

The Ford Motor Corporation has made all conceivable types of motor vehicles, from cars of all sizes to tractors, for personal and professional use. The company has the reputation of constantly upgr... Read More »

How to Set the Timing on Fords?

A Ford's engine timing is the order the distributor sends a spark to each individual spark plug, causing the cylinders to fire at the proper time and allowing for optimum engine performance. An eng... Read More »

Standard Sensors for Fords?

The sensors in newer-model Ford vehicles control and regulate a number of different parts and features. A malfunctioning sensor can cause a vehicle not to operate properly, even if there is not a p... Read More »