Where are Ford vehicles made?

Answer Ford vehicles are made throughout the country, primarily in Michigan and Ohio. However, the company does have plants in Thailand, Mexico, Brazil, Australia, Germany and the United KingdomSource:For... Read More »

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Which Ford Vehicles Can Use E-85?

E-85, or bio diesel, is an alternative fuel for vehicles. According to Ford, the company aims to make one-half of their vehicles E-85 compatible by 2012. In order to achieve that goal, Ford has bee... Read More »

Where are Infinity vehicles made?

Infinity is the brand name for luxury vehicles made by Nissan Motor Company of Tokyo, Japan. Infinity cars were introduced into North America in 1990, and today the cars are sold in 15 countries. I... Read More »

When were Toyota vehicles first made?

The first Toyota vehicle was made in 1936 by Kiichiro Toyoda. He first researched and completed the AA Sedan and eventually created the Toyota Motor Co., Ltd as a branch from his father, Sakichi To... Read More »

Where are Honda vehicles made?

Most of the Hondas sold in the United States are made in the United States. Honda has plants for manufacturing cars and parts in Ohio, Georgia and Alabama. Additionally, Honda tests cars in many ot... Read More »