Where are Electrolux appliances made?

Answer According to Electrolux, appliances are designed in Italy and manufactured in North America. A large production refrigerator factory was opened in Juarez, Mexico, in 2005, while two Iowa factories ... Read More »

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Originally a vacuum cleaner company Electrolux became the world's largest manufacturer of kitchen outdoor and cleaning appliances Where is it based?

Where are electrolux dishwashers made?

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How to Troubleshoot Electrolux Appliances?

Electrolux was formed through a merger of three vacuum cleaner companies in Sweden in the early 1900s. The company opened its first American plant in Connecticut in 1931, adding refrigerators and f... Read More »

When did Electrolux go into appliances?

Electrolux is a Swedish maker of appliances and kitchen equipment. In 1901, when the company was founded, it developed a kerosene lamp for outdoor use. The first appliance, the Lux 1, was introduce... Read More »