Where are Dell computers produced?

Answer Dell computers are built in factories all over the world. Because computers are comprised of many different parts, they are rarely assembled entirely in one place.Some places Dell has factories inc... Read More »

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How much money did Michael Dell have to start Dell Computers?

In 1984, 19-year-old college student Michael Dell started his now famous Dell computer company, originally named PC's Unlimited, with only $1,000. The computer company has grown to be worth more th... Read More »

Where are Macintosh computers produced?

Macintosh computers, or Macs, are made by Apple, Inc. Apple designs all of its products in California, but manufactures and assembles them abroad. Most of Apple's manufacturing is done by third-par... Read More »

Do dell keyboards only work on dell computers?

Dell keyboards are designed to work best with Dell computers, but plug-and-play keyboards that attach via a USB port are compatible with other systems, according to a Dell customer service represen... Read More »

Which printers are compatible with Dell computers Besides the actual Dell printers?

I agree that HP makes some good printers, but any printer you buy will be compatible with a Dell computer. The only thing to look at is if the printer is made for Windows, Mac, etc.I cannot think o... Read More »