Where are Bic pens made?

Answer Based on Bic history, the pen was manufactured in France by Marcel Bich and his partner, Edouard Buffard. The headquarters is in France. Bic pen manufacturers, wholesalers, distributors and exporte... Read More »

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Where are Kooky pens made?

Kooky pens are manufactured by the American company Courage International, Inc. Its headquarters are located in Las Vegas, Nevada. Founded in 1989, Courage International develops and sells novelty,... Read More »

Where are Mont Blanc fountain pens made?

Mont Blanc fountain pens are made in Hamburg, Germany. This can be identified on a Mont Blanc pen with the words "Made In Germany" located under the clip. The Meisterstück (fountain pen) is the co... Read More »

Which came first: gel pens or ballpoint pens?

Ballpoint pens came before gel pens. A primitive version of the ballpoint pen was created in 1888 by John Loud, an American tanner, but it did not receive commercial attention. In the 1940s, Josef ... Read More »

What do sea pens eat?

Sea pens, which are actually colonies of anemone-like polyps working together for the survival of the whole, feed on plankton and organic particles that float by in the water. The individual polyps... Read More »