Where are BMWs built?

Answer Most BMW cars are produced in plants in Germany, with a small number built in the United Kingdom, South Africa and China. Some cars are partially built and shipped in kits to the nation where final... Read More »

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Are any BMWs made in the USA?

BMW has one plant in the United States, near Spartanburg, South Carolina. It opened in 1994 and was expanded in 2008. Daily output is about 600 vehicles and total production through 2009 was 1,542,... Read More »

Who invented BMWs?

Franz Josef Popp is know as the primary founder of BMW automobiles. BMW was founded in 1916 and Popp served as the company's general director until he was forced to retire by other company official... Read More »

How long do BMWs last?

A BMW, like any other type of vehicle, will last longer with proper care and maintenance. On average, with proper maintenance, most BMW motors last to 200,000 miles.Source:Bimmer Fest

Common Oil Leaks on BMWs?

Engine oil never goes anywhere or gets used up. Therefore, it is important to check the oil in your BMW regularly, as low levels can signify leaks. If all oil is lost, the damage to a BMW engine wi... Read More »