Where are Ashfall Fossil Beds?

Answer The Ashfall Fossil Beds are located in northeastern Nebraska about four miles east and six miles north of Orchard. The historical park contains fossil evidence of large mammals, birds and turtles b... Read More »

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Facts About Ashfall Fossil Beds?

Seeing a fossil in a museum may bring to mind images of the animal trapped in ice or tar, or slowly covered up by prehistoric marine sediments. Volcanic ash is another medium that can kill animals ... Read More »

Who discovered Ashfall fossils?

The Ashfall Fossil Beds in Antelope County, Nebraska, were discovered by paleontologist Michael Voorhies in 1971. Voohries, then an employee of the University of Nebraska State Museum, made his di... Read More »

Who discovered the Ashfall fossils?

Mike Voorhies is credited with discovering the Ashfall Fossil Beds in 1971. There are the world's only known, intact, three-dimensional fossils of large dinosaurs and mammals from the Clarendonian... Read More »

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