Where and what would be a good scanner antenna?

Answer For trunk mountable antennas check here… or here…Can also use the 800MHz antennas here Read More »

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What is a good Police Scanner Antenna for my Pro 404 Radio Shack scanner?

RadioShack carries great antennas…ScannerMaster does as well…

If I used a scanner radio on the 2nd floor with an external 40" telescoping antenna, how far would the range b?

It all depends on several factors. For one, the strength of the signal you are wanting to receive. Second, if there are any materials used in the building of the house that may hinder reception. Th... Read More »

What scanner would be good?

Look at the HP G3110 which has a special slot especially for book scanning. That is a great scanner that works fast and is easy to setup.edit...the scanner I am suggesting is under $100 and well wo... Read More »

What would be a good police scanner?

First off, you need to find out what type of radio systems and frequencies you local cops use. You can do this by visiting the RadioReference database. Cities can use ... Read More »