Where Is the Transmission Dipstick on a 2003 Volvo XC?

Answer Maintaining a proper transmission fluid level in your vehicle is important. Without the proper fluid filled to the appropriate level, the transmission is vulnerable to excessive wear. To check the ... Read More »

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Where is the transmission dipstick in a lexus gs 350?

The transmission dipstick on the Lexus gs350 is easy to locate. With the hood open, stand facing the vehicle, and look for the bright yellow ring on the upper left quadrant of the engine compartmen... Read More »

Where is the transmission dipstick for a Honda Accord?

Your transmission fluid dipstick is located under the hood, near the middle, next to the oil pan. The dipsticks are color coded; the transmission fluid dipstick is red to match the color of transmi... Read More »

How to Read a Dipstick on the Transmission?

Transmission fluid is a petroleum-based product that provides lubrication, viscosity and power to the transmission of a vehicle. The fluid helps cool the friction created between the moving interna... Read More »

Why Is There No Transmission Dipstick?

Transmission oil dipsticks have been slowly disappearing in automobiles. The missing dipstick is actually evidence that car manufacturers expect the original transmission fluid to last the life of ... Read More »