Where Is the Thermostat in an Escalade?

Answer Locating the thermostat in your Cadillac Escalade requires some basic knowledge of the heating/cooling system of the vehicle. Replacing a defective thermostat is an easy, low-cost endeavor if you h... Read More »

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The Difference Between an Escalade EXT & an Escalade ESV?

Cadillac is the luxury division of General Motors. The 1999 Escalade is the division's first sport utility vehicle. In 2007, Cadillac added the Escalade EXT and the Escalade ESV body styles to the ... Read More »

Where is the thermostat on an Audi A8?

The thermostat on an Audi A8 is located under the intake manifold on the engine. Trace the hose coming off the radiator to find the manifold. Remove the manifold and the cover to the thermostat hou... Read More »

Where is the thermostat on a Mazda 626 located?

The thermostat on a Mazda 626 is located at the top of the engine. It is inside the thermostat housing, which is a plastic covering that protects the thermostat. The thermostat housing is between t... Read More »

Where Is a Car Thermostat Located on a 2.7 L Engine?

If you're finding your car's coolant not acting as it should be, you may have an issue with your thermostat. The car's engine running hot according to the temperature gauge inside your car, or you... Read More »