Where Is the Oil Filter at on a Saturn L300?

Answer Your Saturn L300 uses an oil filter element rather than a typical canlike filter that most other cars use. You won't find the filter element toward the center of the bottom of the engine, either.

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How to Replace the Cabin Air Filter in a Saturn L300?

The Saturn L300 was the flagship vehicle in the Saturn L series lineup (L100, L200 and L300). Although it's now discontinued, plenty of them remain on the road. If you're a Saturn L300 owner, you n... Read More »

Why did Saturn stop producing the L300?

The Saturn L300 was a midsized vehicle that General Motors' Saturn division made and sold as part of its L-Series lineup in the early 2000s. It lasted for only three model years, the result of poor... Read More »

How to Replace the Starter in a Saturn L300?

Saturn equipped the L300 with a PG-260D, non-serviceable starter motor on its L81 engines. Unlike some starter motors that can be serviced at the component level and rebuilt, the Saturn L300's star... Read More »

How to Read an Oil Dipstick on a Saturn L300?

The Saturn L300 is equipped with a computer system that alerts its operator when the oil and the oil filter should be changed. But the system does not indicate when the oil level is too low or too ... Read More »