Where Is the OBD Connector on a 2003 Saturn Ion 3 Located?

Answer OBD stands for "on-board diagnostics." This is a standardized diagnostics system found on all vehicles sold in the United States. Vehicles sold after 1996 actually have OBD-II, the second version o... Read More »

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Do the wheels on a 2003 Saturn L200 fit on a 2007 Saturn Ion?

The 2003 Saturn L200 was equipped with 16-inch wheels that had an offset of 40mm, backspacing of 5.51" and 5-110 bolt pattern. All 2007 Saturn Ions, save the Redline trim, were equipped with wheel... Read More »

Where is Saturn located in the sky?

The position of Saturn in the sky is not constant and changes as it moves through the zodiac. It usually spends two to three years in each constellation. NASA provides a tool to find its current po... Read More »

How to Change the Oil on a 2003 Saturn Ion?

A 2003 Saturn Ion is a mid size coupe with a V6 engine. The oil pan is located on the bottom of the engine. The oil filter will need to be changed as well. The oil filter is located on the right si... Read More »

My 2003 Saturn Ion Won't Start?

Nothing can be more frustrating than putting the key in the ignition of your 2003 Saturn, and the engine refuses to turn over. Rather than have anxiety overwhelm you, follow these simple troublesho... Read More »