Where Is the O2 Sensor Located for a Mercedes E320?

Answer The Mercedes-Benz E320 has been manufactured since 1994. Older E320 models feature two oxygen sensors located in the exhaust while models made since 1998 feature four oxygen sensors in the system. ... Read More »

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Replacing a Mercedes E320 Oxygen Sensor?

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How to Change the Brake Pad Sensor on a 2001 Mercedes E320?

The 2001 Mercedes E320 is equipped with a sensor on the brake pads that controls a warning light on the dash that tells the driver when it is time to change them. The sensor is supplied with a 12-v... Read More »

How to Troubleshoot the A/C in a Mercedes E320?

Troubleshoot the AC system in your Mercedes E320 before temperatures rise this summer. Problems that are routinely encountered can be fairly simple to diagnose, whether it is an issue with the magn... Read More »

How to Use 5W30 Oil in a Mercedes E320?

To help keep your engine running smoothly, it's important to regularly check your oil level and add new oil to your engine if it needs to be refilled. The E320's engine uses a total of 8 to 8.5 qua... Read More »