Where Is the Fuel Pump Relay on a 1998 Contour?

Answer The horn relay on your 1998 Ford Contour operates when you press the horn button--pressing the button causes two metal contacts to come together, "closing a circuit" and sending battery voltage to ... Read More »

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How to Remove a 1998 Ford Contour Fuel Pump?

The fuel pump on a 1998 Ford Contour transfers fuel between the fuel tank and the fuel injection system on the intake manifold. This is an important job, because the fuel injection system requires ... Read More »

How to Replace a Fuel Pump Relay on a 1998 Galant?

The fuel pump for the 1991 Mitsubishi Galant is located in the fuel tank. The relay is located in a panel in the engine compartment. The purpose of the relay is to provide 12 volts of relay power t... Read More »

How Do I Replace a 1998 Mitsubishi Galant Fuel Pump Relay?

The fuel pump relay in a 1998 Mitsubish Galant is located in the relay control box, inside the engine compartment. The relay's primary purpose is to provide the fuel pump with 12 volts of DC power.... Read More »

Where is the fuel pump relay in a Cadillac?

The location of a fuel pump relay in a Cadillac is in the fuse box., which is in the engine compartment on the driver's side, next to the battery. The inside cover of the fuse box has the number of... Read More »