Where Is the Fuel Filter Located on a 1999 Ford Escort?

Answer The fuel filter on a 1999 Ford Escort is under the hood of the car, on the driver's side. It is mounted to the fire wall. By following the fuel line from the injector bank back toward the fuel tank... Read More »

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Where is a fuel filter located on a 1998 Ford Escort?

To find the fuel filter on the 1998 Ford Escort, first find the fuel tank. The tank will be underneath where you put gas into the car. Trace the fuel line from the tank to the in-line fuel filter. ... Read More »

How to Replace a Fuel Filter in a 1999 Ford Escort?

The fuel system on the 1999 Ford Escort comes equipped with a canister-type fuel filter. The fuel filter is a cylinder-shaped canister with a inner filter that traps any type of impurities from the... Read More »

Where is the fuel filter on a fuel injected 1997 Ford Escort LX?

The fuel filter in the 1997 Ford Escort LX with fuel injection is located in the engine compartment, mounted to the firewall. The filter is located near the top of the engine compartment and is acc... Read More »

Where Is the Fuel Filter on a 1997 Ford Escort LX?

The fuel filter is an important component on a 1997 Ford Escort--or any internal-combustion-powered vehicle. Failure to occasionally check and change your Escort's fuel filter can cause serious dam... Read More »