Where Is the Drain Plug on a Grand Cherokee?

Answer Routine maintenance is mandatory to prolong the life of your car and avoid mechanical issues. You can take your car to a garage or your local dealership and pay them a lot of money for these simple... Read More »

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Where is the radiator drain plug in a 1998 Jeep Cherokee?

The radiator drain plug on a 1998 Jeep Cherokee is located on the bottom passenger side of the radiator. Remove the passenger side headlight trim, then the front grille. You'll then have access to... Read More »

Where Is the Engine Block Coolant Drain Plug Located on a 94 Grand Prix?

There are six removable engine block coolant drain plugs located on the 1994 Grand Prix. Usually, coolant drain plugs located on the block are referred to as "freeze plugs" because they pop out if ... Read More »

How to Drain the Oil on a Grand Cherokee?

The Jeep Grand Cherokee is a traditional body-on-frame SUV. It has been sold since the 1993 model and endured several redesigns. No matter what year model your Grand Cherokee is, the process of dra... Read More »

How to Drain the Radiator on a Jeep Grand Cherokee?

Draining the radiator on your Jeep Grand Cherokee is not overly difficult and by doing it yourself, you can save money. Draining and filling your radiator is a low-line maintenance procedure with t... Read More »