Where Is the Drain Pan on My Window A/C Unit?

Answer Your window air-conditioning unit may keep your bedroom or office cool all summer, but you need to regularly service the unit to keep it running efficiently. One area to inspect is the unit's drain... Read More »

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Where is the air conditioner drain plug on a window unit?

Mine had a small rubber plug on the outside, lower edge of the unit.

Does window unit air conditioner have to sit in a window?

Window air conditioning units must be installed in a window because the heat generated by the air conditioner needs to vent outside instead of remaining in the room. If window installation is not p... Read More »

How to Drain Water From an HVAC Unit?

When warm air cools, the air can't hold as much moisture. The excess moisture condenses from its vapor form into water. This process occurs within HVAC units when they cool the air for your home. T... Read More »

Where does the AC unit drain in a Toyota Camry 2006?

The air conditioner unit drain on a 2006 Toyota Camry is located in the rear of the car. Follow a small hose from the Camry's a/c unit, underneath the carpeting, to the driver's side back seat foot... Read More »