Where Is it Legal to Have a Camera in a Courtroom?

Answer If you want to use a camera to take photos or video in court, you need to check to see if you legally can before you pop off the lens cap and begin documenting court proceedings. Depending on the c... Read More »

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The Best Clothes for Courtroom Trial?

The clothes don't always make the man, but first appearances are crucial in court. Dressing appropriately for a court appearance will show that you understand the gravity of the situation and respe... Read More »

Courtroom School Projects?

The courtroom lends itself naturally to classroom learning because of the similarities between the two: both are public institutions, both are governed by a single authority figure. Whether you are... Read More »

What is it called when you disrupt a courtroom?

"Contempt of court" is the term used to describe any disruptive outburst in the courtroom. This includes failure to obey commands of the court, being disruptively loud or having a general disrespec... Read More »

Courtroom Clerk Salaries and Job Descriptions?

Many people interested in the legal system look for a way to enter the industry without directly going to law school. One option is to work as a court clerk. These individuals fulfill clerical duti... Read More »