My doctor wants me to lose weight but she didn't really give me any suggestions. Where should I start?

Answer Focus on the tried and true. Ultimately, losing weight comes down to one key principle: Burn more calories than you consume. The steps that follow won't work if you have a thousand more calories co... Read More »

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Does water REALLY help you lose weight?

Yes water does help you lose weight because it flushes you out.

Does yoga really help to lose weight?

Does drinking water really help you lose weight?

Yes, drinking water can help some people to lose weight. If your worried about bloating, try drinking luke-warm water. Cold water makes you bloat. I drink about 5-6 glasses everyday but i dont get ... Read More »

Does cutting ur calorie intake really help u lose weight?

Yes it does. But there are problems:1. you can only do this for so long before you fall back into a regular eating pattern, and then gain the weight back again.2. people dont realize that they need... Read More »