Where Do You Wear Army Medals on Civilian Clothes?

Answer Once you leave military service, the military does not forget you, and your accomplishments live on. According to the resources at, veterans and retirees from the army are allowed to w... Read More »

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Can you wear army class a uniform to civilian wedding?

Can you wear your army medals on your outfit during battle?

Army medals and ribbons may be worn on the uniform only for permitted occasions and celebrations. Current U.S. Army regulations preclude the wearing of military medals during combat or with the com... Read More »

What jobs would a us army fister get as a civilian?

Without further education or vocational training, you really don't possess much as far as marketable job skills go. Use your GI Bill, go to school - you won't regret it.

Can a da civilian receive the commander's award for civilian service if they have not yet received the achievement medal for civilian service?