Where Do You Find Iron Ore & How Do You Get It in "Monster Hunter"?

Answer "Monster Hunter" is a popular video game for the Playstation 2. In the game, you must use various materials to craft special items. Iron ore is particularly important for crafting weapons, a major ... Read More »

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How to Edit Your Name on Monster Hunter?

"Monster Hunter," released in North America and Europe as "Monster Hunter Freedom," is a video game from Capcom for the PlayStation Portable system. The game offers online multiplayer options as we... Read More »

How Do I Use Wi-Fi on Monster Hunter Freedom 2?

“Monster Hunter Freedom 2” for the PSP can be played with your friends using the game's support of Adhoc mode, where players must be in the same location as each other to play. However, gamers ... Read More »

How to Choose Your Weapon in Monster Hunter Freedom 2?

Some gamers like the thrill of monsters, some like hack and slash, some like real time strategy. If you like some or all of these, you will definitely like "Monster Hunter Freedom 2"!But sometimes ... Read More »

How to Unlock a Hidden Quest in "Monster Hunter" for PS2?

In "Monster Hunter" for PlayStation 2, you accept quests from members of Kokoto Village, many of whom ask you to collect items or kill monsters. When you kill a monster, you can carve its carcass f... Read More »