Where Can you get a coolpix S80 camara charger at?

Answer yes! you just need your imagination!

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How do you fix s202 coolpix camara when lens error pops up?

A SLR camera is a camera in which the viewfinder sees directly through the lens via a mirror. Most point and shoot cameras have an additional lens that you look through which is offset from the le... Read More »

OK I need to buy an outlet charger for my Kodak camara..........By next saturday!!!!?

Apparently your camera (the M753) comes with a Li-Ion (rechargeable) battery. At least, we hope it did. You might double check and make sure it's rechargeable (Li-Ion = rechargeable, Lithium = NO... Read More »

Camera Charger: I lost the charger to my Nikon Coolpix digital camera.?

My guess would be that if the battery fits, it will be fine. However, I'd be checking it first.Try looking up the specs on Nikon's website for BOTH cameras to compare the requirements. Hopefully it... Read More »

Where can you buy a charger for a nikon coolpix s60 cam?

The Nikon CoolPix takes SD or SDHC cards. The largest right now (August 2009) are 32 Gb cards though it appears that Toshiba are launching 64 Gb SDXC cards soon and 128 Gb and on up to 2 Tb cards a... Read More »