Where Can a Child Get Ringworm?

Answer Characterized by a red, itchy, ring-shaped rash, ringworm is a fungal infection caused by dermatophytes, micro-organisms that feed on the top layers of skin. Children are particularly susceptible t... Read More »

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Should a child go to school with ringworm?

On One Hand: Send Your Child to SchoolAccording to Seattle's Children's Hospital, a child does not need to stay home from school for ringworm. It is a common infection. It is spread through direct ... Read More »

What is the cause of a ringworm type rash if not ringworm?

A ringworm (tinea) rash is usually red, bumpy, scaly and occurs in patches that may or may not be circular. If the rash is not ringworm (caused by fungus), then many other conditions could be the ... Read More »

Where Did Ringworm Originate?

When ringworm was initially discovered, doctors were under the impression that it was caused by a worm, hence the name. Today we know that in fact ringworm is a fungus infection that often shows it... Read More »

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