Where Can I Get Colored Contacts?

Answer Colored contacts have become increasingly popular in the past few years. Many optometrists, however do not carry them. Where then can one go if they are interested in exploring popular eye fashio... Read More »

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How much are contacts colored/and for seeing?

There are many different types of contacts. You can get prescription colored or non-prescription, whichever you need. Depending on what your optometrist recommends, you may use dailies, weekly or m... Read More »

I want colored contacts?

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Help with colored contacts?

colored contacts look like colored contacts -- they will not be stunning/gorgeous/amazing - you can only get that with real eyes... changing your name and eye color will not change as much as you t... Read More »

Colored contacts!!!!?

An eye wear store. Be careful though because they can harm your eyes. If you wear them for so long - they'll dissolve into your eyes. It happened to a friend of mine, not good.