Where Can I Find Longleaf Pine Trees in North Carolina?

Answer Named for its foot-long needles, the longleaf pine is the state tree of North Carolina. Once logged to near extinction, the longleaf pine's recovery is hampered by a diminishing habitat. In North C... Read More »

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How do I plant longleaf pine trees?

Use Quality SoilDig a hole two to three times larger than the longleaf pine's current root system. Use a quality, well draining soil, and cover the bottom of the hole with the soil. Place your long... Read More »

Nut Trees in North Carolina?

North Carolina is a state with cold winters and trees that produce delicious nuts. With temperatures reaching as low as -45 degrees Fahrenheit in the Appalachian mountains, it's no wonder that the ... Read More »

How do I grow peach trees in North Carolina?

PlantingPlant the tree between Thanksgiving and mid-April. Go to a nursery or home improvement store to buy the peach tree. Locate a spot in your yard that receives full sun and has six to eight fe... Read More »

The Best Fruit Trees for Foothills, North Carolina?

Although your neighbors may be growing Christmas trees, fruit trees can do well in the foothills region of North Carolina. Counterparts in the eastern part of the state have a larger variety from w... Read More »