Where Can I Find Longleaf Pine Trees in North Carolina?

Answer Named for its foot-long needles, the longleaf pine is the state tree of North Carolina. Once logged to near extinction, the longleaf pine's recovery is hampered by a diminishing habitat. In North C... Read More »

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How do I plant longleaf pine trees?

Use Quality SoilDig a hole two to three times larger than the longleaf pine's current root system. Use a quality, well draining soil, and cover the bottom of the hole with the soil. Place your long... Read More »

Where to Find Maple Lumber in North Carolina?

Three species of maple are native to North Carolina. The wood from these trees has a variety of uses from construction to the fabrication of fine furniture, bowling pins, baseball bats, pool cues a... Read More »

Where can you find a adolescent psychiatrist in western North Carolina?

I just did a google search for "adolescent psychiatrist" nc and found this webiste: revolutionhealth. This let me search for a specialist in adolescent psychiatry within "x" miles of a city/state ... Read More »

Where do i find divorce papers that were filed in Charlotte, North Carolina?

To obtain a copy of divorce papers, contact the Mecklenburg Court Clerk at (704) 686-0430. Copies can also be obtained online at the North Carolina Public Health website by completing a certificate... Read More »