Where Can I Find Kia Optima Positive Horn Wiring?

Answer The Optima is a 4-door sedan manufactured by Kia. The Optima's horn is activated by pressing the center of the steering wheel. The wiring for the horn runs behind the dash panel and toward the driv... Read More »

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How to Fix Horn Wiring on a Grand Am?

The horn in your Grand Am has a main harness which includes two wires. One of the wires in the main harness is the ground wire; it's located on the left side of the main harness. The other wire -- ... Read More »

How to Install a Button Horn Wiring Add On Kit?

Older vehicles often encounter parts scarcity for some items, and on newer models it is often quicker and easier to bypass a problem with a workaround. For example, the owner of a 25 year-old farm ... Read More »

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