Where Can I Buy Caruso Steam Rollers?

Answer Caruso steam rollers are known for producing thick, luscious curls, and eliminating static and frizz in the hair. Their sponge rollers work to give hair a shiny, healthy look, while locking in tigh... Read More »

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How do I Use Caruso Rollers?

Caruso rollers are a type of hair roller that use steam to create heat and to hold a curl. A variety of models are available, but all are steam-heated.

How to Apply Steam Rollers?

Hair care is and styling is an important part of the average woman's routine. Blow-drying, flat-ironing and using a curling iron can cost you your hair's health. Achieve stylish, moisturized hair w... Read More »

How to Make Steam Rollers?

Many hair roller sets on the market today are either electric or steam. Electric rollers are heated when you plug the set into the wall while steam rollers become heated when you fill the foam roll... Read More »

Hair Styles Using Steam Rollers?

Steam roller hair styles do not differ from dry roller styles. Styles are formed by the way the hair is set on the roller. Style is also controlled by how tightly hair is wound around the roller. T... Read More »