Where Can I Buy Acai Berry Power 500?

Answer Acai Berry Power 500 is a nutritional supplement made from the acai berry. It is used to aid in weight loss, to boost energy levels and to strengthen the immune system. However, Acai Berry Power 50... Read More »

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Where can I buy acai berry products?

Acai berry products have taken the world by storm due to popularization of their use by celebrities like Brad Pitt and through endorsements from Oprah and Rachael Ray. The acai berry is a small, pu... Read More »

Where can I buy Nature's Best Acai berry pills?

Due to its popularity, you can buy Nature's Best Acai Berry pills at your local pharmacy or health food store. If not there, you can order the pills from an online store such as www.trynaturesacaib... Read More »

Is hawthorne berry the same as acai berry?

The hawthorne berry is not the same as an acai berry. Hawthorne berries come from the hawthorne shrub, which grows mainly in the Mediterranean region. Acai berries come from the acai palm tree, whi... Read More »

What is in acai berry?

Acai berry has been widely known to be used by the South Americans for over 200 years to solve their digestion issues. From the name itself, acai berry got its name from the joys of the super fruit... Read More »