Where Are Ignition Coils Located?

Answer Ignition coils are a vital part of any car, increasing the vehicle battery from six or twelve volts, depending on the car's age, to thousands of volts in order to spark the spark plugs and get the ... Read More »

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Where is an ignition module located?

The location of the ignition module will vary from vehicle to vehicle, but generally it is found in the vehicle's distributor. To find the exact location, consult your vehicle's user manual.Source:... Read More »

Where is the ignition switch located on 99 Acura TL?

The ignition switch on the 1999 Acura TL is located on the underside of the steering column. You need to disassemble the steering column and lower dash panels to access it for replacement.Reference... Read More »

How to Test Ignition Coils on a BMW 328?

On recent models like the 328 3 Series, BMW switched from the use of spark plug wires to individual coil packs that install on each cylinder’s spark plug. This is an efficient and reliable way of... Read More »

Do ignition coils wear out?

Your ignition coil can wear out and not produce the spark needed to start your car. Although made from a sturdy silicon-iron alloy that withstands high temperatures, if it lacks the ability to prop... Read More »