Where Are Hondas Made?

Answer Honda cars are manufactured worldwide with plants in many different countries. The headquartered Kumamoto Factory in Japan is where new models are designed.Source:Honda Worldwide

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What country are Hondas made in?

Honda has manufacturing facilities in the United States in Georgia, North Carolina, Ohio, Indiana, Alabama and South Carolina. Internationally, there are additional manufacturing facilities in Belg... Read More »

What does ESP mean on Hondas?

ESP stands for Electric Shift Program, a manual gear-shifting mode featured on some Honda all-terrain vehicles. It differs from traditional manual gear shifting in that the driver uses electric but... Read More »

Where are Hondas assembled?

Honda has 19 different production plants. The plants are located in North America, South America, Europe and in Asia, in 13 different countries. The major production site in the United States is in... Read More »

What does the LX stand for in Hondas?

The "LX" that Honda attributes to its passenger vehicles (Accord, Civic, etc.) refers to a trim package. A Honda Accord LX, for example, is equipped with such features as ABS (anti-lock brakes) and... Read More »