Where Are Air Conditioner Drain Pans Located?

Answer Air conditioners dehumidify the moisture-filled air inside a room in addition to cooling it. Because of this, condensation collects inside the air conditioning unit and has to drain out. Both centr... Read More »

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Do refrigerators have drain pans?

According to, refrigerators with automatic defrost systems also have drain pans. When the frost melts in this type of a refrigerator, the water drains into a pan where it will evap... Read More »

How to Store Oil Drain Pans in a Truck Shop?

A truck repair shop is sure to be filled with items that are greasy and oily. Oil drain pans are essential to truck shops, because trucks require regular oil changes. Proper oil drain pan storage m... Read More »

How do I clean an air conditioner drain pipe?

Drain Pipe LocationLocate the drain pipe for your air conditioner. It is usually located on the exterior of your home. Trace this drain pipe back to where it meets the evaporator unit inside.Drain ... Read More »

Where is the air conditioner drain plug on a window unit?

Mine had a small rubber plug on the outside, lower edge of the unit.