Whenever i eat something sweet my teet really hurt, why?

Answer you have cavaties

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Why does my butt hurt whenever i get up?

You may have a bruised tailbone or may have even cracked it. It it is actually to muscles in your butt then you may have just pulled a muscle of hamstring depending on how long you have been exper... Read More »

Why does my ankle hurt whenever I point my foot?

ligament problem. rub it with maxifreeze., pain disappears. lack of blood flow. also heat helps

Why do I get chock whenever I eat something before sleeping?

yes should go to a doctor before this gets complicated...may Allah give you complete health,Amin!!

Why does it hurt whenever I blink with my contact lense in on my right eye?

Dear Christian,I can exactly imagine how irritating it is when you blink, I would like to suggest the following to you:1- Make sure that your contact lenses are clean and you have rubbed /washed th... Read More »