Whenever I turn on my laptop a command prompt pops up with the title svchost.exe?

Answer Don't worry about it. The Minecraft Premium Gen was downloaded. It is a Generator is it not?…That is to say an "Account Generator"??As for svchost.exe, her... Read More »

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How to Turn Off System Restore at the Command Prompt?

System Restore is a service on the Windows XP, Vista and Windows 7 operating systems that gives your computer the ability to go back in time and restore its former settings. This is helpful if your... Read More »

How do you use command prompt to get ip address?

How to Reboot a PC From the Command Prompt?

You can reboot your PC using the "Start" menu and selecting the "Restart" option. However, there are other options for this function, including the command line (or prompt) dialogue window. The com... Read More »

Command Prompt fun codes?

tree /f is a really cool command. It displays all of the files you have on your computer. But in order for it to be able to have enough space to do the whole command, you have to set a certain prop... Read More »