Whenever I try to defrag my computer it says...?

Answer That's what it is supposed to do, just reboot.

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How do I charge my ipod nano Whenever I plug it in my computer, it just says "do not disconnect". ?

After you plug it in to the computer, you should notice on your ipod's screen....the has a lightning bolt icon or a plug icon......the lightning bolt means its charging. you can go in... Read More »

My computer keeps restarting whenever it gets to the desktop and whenever i?

You have a curropted restore point. Do a fresh install of your OS.

Whenever i try to add funds to my ps vita it says this?

Do it on the PC to get around this error or check to make sure your card hasn't expired. If you have another console trying doing it from that Usually that's the problem >< I hope it helps

Why is it that whenever I try to put a source on Wikipedia, it says error?

You need this code at the bottom of the page to make the references show up:==References==Else it will show the error message in red.