Whenever I try to align my printer head my epson tells me a paper is stuck and to turn off my printer.?

Answer Epson Help @ 877-867-0212, and support site… is great and wins for best price/feature comparison, best warranty and lowest cost of ink. You can't beat the... Read More »

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How to align my sx215 epson printer?

It sounds most likely that the ink cartridge is faulty and that is why certain lines aren't coming out.Run a test print of a a block of black ink on paint and see if there are any gaps when it prin... Read More »

My Epson SX205 printer keeps on having a paper jam It takes in the paper and crunches it :( ?

Since the paper is getting "crunched" each time, that's usually an indication that there is an obstruction of some kind (piece of paper or other foreign object) in the paper path at the point it ge... Read More »

N epson printer in lx series why we use only 9 pin in the head?

Because it's built that way!It's a dot matrix printer which has only 9 pins to print with. Not very accurate/fine, but enough for everyday text / graphics.

How Do I Clean an Epson Printer Head?

Window UsersTurn on your Espon printer. Right-click the printer icon on the lower right portion of your taskbar and select "Head Cleaning." Click "Start." When the "On" light stops flashing on the ... Read More »