Whenever I stomp or run, my tooth hurts. Every step I take running my tooth pounds. Then when I stop, it stops?

Answer Ok depending on which tooth hurts but if its the 1-4 or 2-4 which is count back to the forth tooth from the front teeth on both sides. (thats the easiest way) These teeth are close the the sinuses.... Read More »

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My tooth hurts, and when I rub it with another tooth it makes a clicking sound?

From what you said, my best guess would be that you may have an infected tooth, but hard to say without looking at it and looking at x-rays. Do go see your dentist and get it taken care of.

I accidently hit my tooth with my other tooth it hurts should i be worried?

juat take ice cream or cold milk.cold food will help to numb the blood supply to the tooth and decrease any swelling in the bone.after 24 hrs do warm salt water rinses 4-5 times/day which help in h... Read More »

My tooth really hurts very bad!?

Try gargling with a warm salt-water rinse (a teaspoon of salt dissolved in a warm glass of water). That might provide some relief. Try to see the dentist again tomorrow if the pain persists.

My tooth hurts bad please help?

why they dont want to take you to a dentist? Are you their adopted child? File a case on them. If you hate dentist, then bare the pain. Go to the butchers.